Hi, I am Karishma. Some friends call me “Kari” that’s how I derived the 1st part of this Blog! And I like to get a twist in anything I do so the Name “KurryTwist”. Just a Impromptu name though I will not deny before the impromptu period it took me ages to finalize the name :-P. I am Mumbai-India based and a Software engineer by Profession, But have a passion for cooking and doing creative things. Whenever I feel bored and want to do something exciting I switch my fingers from the keyboard to cutting board to try different recipes and plate them. Putting the recipes on the blog is just for my passion and for creating memories! :

We are a 3 person’s team , where I cook and click, My Hubby is the taster and biggest critic and my daughter is my mini Helper as she calls herself .

KurryTwist was founded in 2020, When Coronavirus overpowered the World and Outside world was not a safe place to live in, and the whole world was just locked indoors. Though this idea came in place many years before but it was put to papers during this time. Even though Corona has done a disaster in the entire world but did wonders for those who put this idle time to productive use.

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